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As some of you may know, one of my passions is motorcycling.  I own two Yamaha’s - a 1986 FJ1200, and a 2004 FJR1300.  Follow the links below for pictures of these bikes, and for articles of recent tours I have taken.  Also, follow the links to other favorite motorcycling links of mine.

While I typically don’t enjoy group rides (I prefer riding alone or with a few friends), I do belong to the Iron Butt Association.  You can read about them here to see what they are all about, or click here to see a map showing where a bunch of us live (pretty neat!):


Farkles are modifications, add-on’s, tweaks, enhancements etc. that make a great bike even better.  Typically these are functional changes, not just sparkly ones (hence the name “Farkles” = functional sparkles).  I will try to chronicle mine here so that other’s may benefit or at least get some ideas of their own.


  • Tour of the Canadian Maritimes
    From Maine and NY to Labrador and back - we found Viking ruins and the ‘end of the road’.  Read about it here.
  • Great Lakes Tour
    The Great Lakes Tour was truly great.  I have to find some photos of this trip, but the article is still worth reading
  • Iron Butt 2004 - Maine to Georgia in less than 24 hrs.
    This is my attempt to join the Iron Butt Association.  The trip was a success (mostly), and I am now a member (IBA#: 21260)!  Read about it by clicking on the link above.
  • Logging Road 2005
    Riding an FJR1300 on a Maine logging road might be some people’s idea of crazy.  To me - it is just another unexplored road!  Check out this short write up.
  • Gaspé 2009
    At long last, Tim and I hit the road again to explore the neighborhood to the north. This time we toured around the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec.  We then headed south to Fredericton, NB to catch up with the rest of my family and watch my boys at hockey camp.  Great trip, great photos and videos!
  • Great Lakes - 2 - 2010
    Tim & I return to the Great Lakes, this time to visit the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.  Photos and write up here.
  • Gettysburg 2011
    Our first Outlaw Geeks Ride with an “Apprentice Geek” - Xavier Michaud.  We toured the battlefields and more.
  • Canadian Maritimes Part Deux! - 2102
    We return to the Maritimes with another “Apprentice Geek” - this time Alex Michaud.  The trip didn’t go completely as planned, but we had fun anyway.
  • Motorcycle Makeover
    After an “unscheduled get-off” last fall that caused some significant cosmetic damage (but thankfully no structural or physical damage) to the FJR1300, some body repair and a re-paint was needed.  The results are better than I could have hoped for and I took the opportunity to change the color as well.  Have a look!
  • Maintenance and Repairs
    I try to do as much of the wrenching on my motorcycles as possible to keep the operational costs down and to have a better understanding of how they are built.  Most of the stuff is pretty routine - fluid changes, lubrication, etc.  Every now and then something odd comes up.  In this section I will post some of the unexpected maintenance and repair issues I have dealt with.  Perhaps it will help with someone else with similar troubles.


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