This is my Farkles page. Check back from time to time to see what else I have added.  Most of these apply to the 2004 FJR1300 unless otherwise noted.

GPS MountI am using a Magellan Meridian Gold with their DirectRoute software. For me, it is a good mix of the right form factor, functionality with the mapping software (with the ability to do turn by turn instructions, etc.), and ruggedness for the application. Click on this link to see photos of how I have it mounted.

Low Tech Helmet Hook (strap): OK, one thing that Yamaha forgot on the FJR1300 from their previous FJ’s was a locking helmet hook. Here is a *REALLY* low tech (and inexpensive) method to secure a helmet or two from underneath the rider’s seat.

Scratch Removal: This isn’t really a “farkle”, but more like maintenance. Until I add a maintenance section to this site, I will put this page here. I sustained some scratches on my front fender (read the story about my “Iron Butt 2004” ride for details, and wanted to see if I could get the scratches out myself without having to buy a new fender. To my delight, with some “Meguiar’s Scratch X”, elbow grease and patience, all but the deepest scratches came out.  Click here to see the before and after shots.  I will be buying some touch up paint to fill in the deeper gouges, and then using the Meguiar’s again to feather the edges in. It already looks 100% better than it did.

Laminar Lip: A recent addition to the FJR to help smooth out the airflow coming off the windshield, and prevent some of the buffeting that plagues the stock screen.

Brake Flasher: One of my first farkles, and a neat tool to capture the attention of following vehicles.  Check it out.

Cheap LED Top Case Brake Light: For $6, I added an LED brake light to my top case.


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