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Canadian Maritimes Part Deux!



In the summer of 2012, The Outlaw Geeks set out for an epic adventure - or at least that was the plan.  We had grand plans to motorcycle to France, along with our newest Geek Apprentice, my oldest son Alex.  OK - “riding to France” is a bit of a technicality.  You see, there are a small pair of islands of the coast of Newfoundland that are still colonies of France and our intention was to ride our motorcycles there.  Over the years, we have gotten pretty use to the process of traveling to Canada, both for motorcycle trips, and family trips (sometimes both), and I got a little complacent in the planning process.  At the time, travel with a minor to Canada still only required their birth certificate.  At the last minute it dawned on me that perhaps traveling to the Pierre et Miquelon Islands might require something more.  According to their web site, it appeared that a birth certificate for Alex wold be sufficient, but I decided to call to be sure.  What I got was that it was sufficient for Canadian minors, but we filthy Americans did, indeed, need passports.  Damnit!   already had the T-shirts printed up with this on the back:

3 country tour with words

Oh well, can’t fix that so we thought of taking in the French speaking islands of Madeleine just north of Prince Edward Island.  It is a skinny spit of land in the Gulf of St. Lawrence that is part of Quebec.  Yea,... no that wasn’t going to work either.  Turns out at the time we were there they were celebrating their annual Sand Castle Festival and the place was full.  When we got to the ferry terminal we discovered that if we wanted to go there we would have needed to make reservations a year in advance - who knew!?!

So, we opted to head into Quebec City for some French speaking culture.  It all worked out in the end, if not exactly as planned, but that is the way the Outlaw Geeks roll!  We are not going to be tied down to any kind of rigid schedule.  That is for work time.  Now is the time for riding, exploring and flying by the seat of our pants!  At least, that is what we tell our wives!

Here are some pictures and video from the trip:


A “shorter” video from the trip:


A “longer” video from the trip.  Much of the same footage as the shorter one, with some added stuff.



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