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So many things to do, so little time.  Here are a few things that keep me busy.

  • Sigma Chi
    OK, Sigma Chi is not a hobby, but this was the most logical place to put this link.
    Click here to go to a page dedicated to my Fraternity.
  • Motorcycling
    If you like to ride, and especially if you are into sport touring, click here.
  • Drumming
    I am currently a drummer without a band - if you know of a blues band in Central Maine, I am available.  In the meantime, I keep practicing....
  • Bicycling
    Before motorcycling, I developed a passion for bicycling.  I still love it, and here is a page about it.
  • Cars and Trucks
    Like most guys, I like my vehicles.  Click here to see what’s in the “fleet”.
  • Travel
    Mostly for business, sometimes for pleasure. Click here to see where I have been.


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