Battleship Cove 2006



We had the chance to visit Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA ( with the Cub Scouts this weekend. They have a few ships docked there and set up as floating museums for people to visit. The ships include the battleship U.S.S Massachusetts, the destroyer U.S. S. Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., the submarine “Lionfish”, a Russian built missile corvette “Hiddensea”, and a couple of the only remaining P.T. boats.  Cub Scouts and certain other groups can “camp” onboard the battleship, and that is what we did.  It was a great experience, and I am hoping we can get more Cub Scouts there in the future.  Here are a few pictures of Alex and the battleship. I have a ton of other pictures, but can’t post them without permission from the other parents.  If an when I get permission, they will be in the Cub Scout Pack 110 page (follow the links from the Home Page).

Alex checking out his accommodations for the night

Alex taking aim with a 40mm cannon

Alex walking on the fore deck

Alex climbing on an anchor

U.S.S. Massachusetts

PT Boat

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