Santas Village 2004



This year we went back to Santa’s Village in Jefferson, NH.  If you haven’t gone just before Christmas, you really haven’t done it justice.  Take a look at the pictures and let the smiles speak for themselves!

Alex and Max ready to go out

Alex Luke Max and Isaac

Alex and Luke on reindeer ride

Alex and Luke on the swings

Alex and Luke on the nutcracker slide

Alex hanging out with real reindeer

Max holding up the place

Alex in an igloo

Alex sliding

Dashing through the fog

The fog clears

Drummer boy ride

Luke and Alex on reindeer

Luke and Alex on the pixie stix ride

Max and Alex checking out the sleigh

Max and Isaac on pixie stix ride

Max in the igloo

Max is driving Mom!

Max REALLY likes this ride!

Playing the alphabet game

Rob and Isaac

The family on the Sleigh monorail

The crew at the igloo

The crew at the snowman

The snowman

This is fun!  Max likes trains!

This is how tall we are in 2004

This is more fun than the rides


Watch where you are driving!

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